Recent Publications

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  • Moral Hazard: German Public Opinion on the Greek Debt Crisis

    Kathleen E. Powers, Brian C. Rathbun, Therese Anders

    Political Psychology, 2018

  • Public Comments’ Influence on Science Use in U.S. Rulemaking: The Case of EPA’s National Emission Standards

    Mia Costa, Bruce A. Desmarais, John A. Hird

    The American Review of Public Administration

  • Markets or Mercantilism? How China Secures Its Energy Supplies

    Jennifer M. Lind, Daryl G. Press, Kenichi Ariga

    International Security 2018 42:04, 170-204

  • Priorities for Preventive Action: Explaining Americans’ Divergent Reactions to 100 Public Risks

    Jeffrey A. Friedman

    American Journal of Political Science