Washington DC

The Government Department's off-campus program in Washington, D.C. provides students with internship opportunities in legislative and executive offices as well as the chance to conduct research involving the national government.


The application deadline is February 1st, 2020 for the spring of 2021. More detailed information may be obtained from The Frank J. Guarini Institute for International Education, 44 North College Street, and at their website.


Internship Essays

An internship with a public or private agency or organization intended to give students practical experience of political life in the nation's capital. Each student will write weekly essays relating his or her work experience to broader issues in political science. (This course counts as a mid-level course and not as a seminar course for the major or minor.)


Myths and Realities in Public Policy Solutions

This course will investigate major areas of public policy including health care, income inequality, gun control, drug policy, energy, and education.  Through readings and lively discussion, students will grow in their understanding of these deeply important issues.  The aim of the course will be to dispel public policy myths that benefit candidates or their parties in the political arena but do not have the capacity to solve real-world problems.  We will approach public policy as academics rather than political practitioners.  While we will move from issue to issue quickly, students will have the opportunity to focus on one issue for in-depth study in a final paper.


Washington, DC in the Trump Era

President Trump has changed American politics.  Never in the modern era has a president had such an acrimonious relationship with the media.  Our international trade relationships have never been so challenged.  A president has never been so optimistic about a lasting peace with the adversarial nation of North Korea.  A president has never been so untrusting of his own intelligence apparatus.  And, never, have we had so many questions regarding collusion with a foreign nation swirling around a presidency.  In this course, we will investigate this new brand of American political leadership.  We will study each of these issues in-depth to understand how we have broken from the past and what this will mean for our future.  In this course, students will gain a very strong understanding of many of the most controversial issues debated in Washington, DC today.