The Government Department’s Foreign Study Program takes place each year during the fall term. In affiliation with the London School of Economics, it focuses on international relations and comparative politics.

About the Program with Prof. William Wohlforth


Applications for the Fall 2024 London program open on October 1st, 2023 and close on February 1st, 2024.

If you have questions about the London Program, details may be obtained from The Frank J. Guarini Institute for International Education. Please feel free to visit them at 44 North College Street or on their website.


The prerequisites for this program consist of any two government introductory courses of the following courses: Government 5, and any one of the following courses Government 3, Government 4, or Government 6.

Relevant coursework in other departments will also be considered.


Coursework While on the FSP

Students receive three course credits while on the London FSP. Students take two courses taught by the London School of Economics faculty and one seminar taught by the program's director.

Professor William Wohlforth will lead the program in Fall of 2023.  The LSE professors will offer two midlevel courses - GOVT 90 and  GOVT 91. Prof. Wohlforth will offer a seminar GOVT 92.



Taking advantage of our location in London (home to some of the world's premier international security think tanks) and focusing on the challenges of European security, this seminar will provide students with an opportunity to research and produce policy analysis at a professional level. The seminar will provide a setting that mimics the real-world practice of policy analysis, a demanding craft that requires drawing inferences from limited information, under time pressure and data constraints, generating a diagnosis of a policy challenge and recommending a solution. My presumption is that your coursework so far at Dartmouth (and the classes you will be taking at LSE ) will have given you formidable analytical skills. Our job will be to learn how to put them to work in producing compact, data-based, and analytically rich studies that generate concrete policy recommendation, and communicating those findings orally. Each student will take on a different challenge in European security policy. By term's end, student reports ought be of such quality that they can be complied into a larger, coherent policy report.  Students will seek out relevant expertise and resources in London. The seminar will involve required attendance at talks, workshops and seminars around town that are relevant to European security.

Greetings From London - Students Visit Cambridge Fall '22