Comparative Politics

GOVT 40.03 (Identical to AMES 43.04)

Politics of Japan: A Unique Democracy?

GOVT 40.09 (Identical to JWST 40.01)

Politics of Israel and Palestine

GOVT 40.14 (Identical to LACS 50.07)

Latin America's Search for Democracy and Development

Course Description:

This course focuses on the five countries of the Andean region of South American (Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia). It contrasts the current governance and economic policy approaches taken by the five countries as a means of analysing variables linked to the consolidation of democracy and sustained economics development.

GOVT 40.15 (Identical to LACS 50.08)

Commodities, Globalization and Development in Latin America

GOVT 40.21

Perception and Misperception: The Politics of the Cold War

GOVT 40.24 (Identical to MES 12.06)

Dictatorship and Dissent

GOVT 40.25 (Identicle to MES 8.01)

Introduction to Middle East Politics

GOVT 49.01 (Identical to LACS 51)

Latin American Politics and Government

GOVT 49.04 (Identical to LACS 52 and WGS 31.1)

Sex and the State in Latin America

GOVT 49.05 (Identical to LAC 53)

Protest and Parties in Latin America

GOVT 49.06

U.S. - Latin America Relations: The Dynamics of Foreign Policy Formulation