Jason Barabas

Academic Appointments
  • Director, Rockefeller Center for Public Policy and the Social Sciences

  • Professor, Department of Government


Rockefeller, Room 112
HB 6082


  • A.B. Dartmouth College
  • Ph. D. Northwestern University
  • Postdoctoral Fellowship, Princeton University.
  • Postdoctoral Fellowship, Harvard University

Selected Publications

  • Barabas, Jason, Benjamin Carter, and Kevin Shan. 2020. “Analogical Framing: How Policy Comparisons Alter Political Support for Health Care Reform.” American Politics Research 48 (5): 596-611.

    Kane, John V., and Jason Barabas. 2019. “No Harm in Checking: Using Factual Manipulation Checks to Assess Attentiveness in Experiments.” American Journal of Political Science 63 (1/January): 234-49.

    Jerit, Jennifer, and Jason Barabas. 2017. “Revisiting the Gender Gap in Political Knowledge.” Political Behavior 38 (December): 817-38.

    Barabas, Jason. 2016. “Democracy’s Denominator: Reassessing Responsiveness with Public Opinion on the National Policy Agenda.” Public Opinion Quarterly 80 (2): 437-59.

    Barabas, Jason, Jennifer Jerit, William Pollock, and Carlisle Rainey. 2014. “The Question(s) of Political Knowledge.” American Political Science Review 108 (November): 840-55.