Comparative Politics

GOVT 84.01 (Identical to AMES 91.02)

Dilemmas of Development: India, China, and Middle East

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GOVT 84.06 (Identical to LACS 80.02 and AAAS 90.01)

Identity and Power in the Americas

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GOVT 84.13

Improving Democracy: Institutional Innovations and Experiments in Developing Nations

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Govt 84.34

U.S. Policy in Africa and the Great Challenges Africa Faces in the Future

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GOVT 84.35 (Identical to LACS 50.11)

U.S.- Latin America Relations: The Dynamics of Foreign Policy Formulation

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GOVT 84.40

Democratic Erosion

Course Description:

A theoretical, empirical, and historical investigation into the symptoms and causes of the erosion of democratic states and the consequent rise of authoritarian modes of governance.