Has Benjamin Netanyahu's Assault on Israeli Democracy Been Stopped?

In the face of mass protests, the Prime Minister has backed down from his plan to overhaul the judiciary—for now

On Sunday night, the Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, fired his defense minister, Yoav Gallant, a reserve major general whose mother had been a Polish refugee on the S.S. Exodus. His offense was patriotism.The night before, Gallant had appeared on prime-time national television, calling for a "dialogue" on the fate of the Israeli judiciary and a temporary "halt to the legislative process"that is, in effect, assaulting it."The growing rift in our society is penetrating the I.D.F. and security agencies.This poses a clear, immediate, and tangible threat to the security of the state.I will not lend my hand to it," he said. A source close to Netanyahu, changing the subject, said that Gallant was fired for his "feeble and weak response"to the rapidly growing number of reserve officers who, in protest, are refusing to appear for service.

The response from the street was anything but feeble.

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