Bernard Avishai

|Visiting Professor
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Visiting Professor

Visiting Professor of Government, is Adjunct Professor of Business at the Hebrew University, and formerly taught at MIT and Duke. A Guggenheim fellow, he is the author of 'The Tragedy of Zionism,’ 'A New Israel,' 'The Hebrew Republic,' and 'Promiscuous: Portnoy's Complaint and Our Doomed Pursuit of Happiness.' He contributes regularly on political economy and Israeli affairs to the New Yorker; and has written dozens of articles for Harper's, The New York Review, The Nation and New York Times Magazine. He is a former editor of Harvard Business Review, and International Director of Intellectual Capital at KPMG.


Silsby, Room 218A
HB 6108


Government, Government


  • B.A. McGill University
  • M.A. University of Toronto
  • Ph.D. University of Toronto