Alumni Update: Yuki Kondo-Shah '07

I'm a 2007 Dartmouth College graduate with a double major in GOVT and AMES (Asian and Middle Eastern Studies).

I currently work as a Public Diplomacy Officer in the U.S. Embassy in La Paz, Bolivia with the U.S. Department of State. I work on cultural and educational exchanges, and also help with press/media communications for the Embassy. My GOVT major was a great way to learn about international relations and the different types of jobs that are available in my field, and I did an internship in the U.S. Embassy in Tokyo with a Dickey Center Grant during my junior year of college. That was instrumental in beginning my career in public service with the U.S. government, and I was really lucky to get funding from the U.S. State Department (and Dartmouth) to do my Masters at the Harvard Kennedy School before starting my position with the State Department.

Alumni Update: Siobhan Gorman '97

Siobhan Gorman is a reporter for The Wall Street Journal covering terrorism, counter terrorism, intelligence, and cybersecurity, which includes the activities of the sixteen intelligence agencies and the national security threats they aim to combat.

Prior to joining the Journal in 2007, Ms. Gorman was a Washington correspondent for The Baltimore Sun covering intelligence and security.  From 1998 to 2005 she was a staff correspondent for National Journal covering homeland security, justice, and intelligence; and in 1997 was also a research associate for “Bob Levey’s Washington”, The Washington Post.

Ms. Gorman won the 2006 Sigma Delta Chi Award for Washington Correspondence for her coverage of the National Security Agency, and in 2000 received a special citation in national magazine writing from the Education Writers Association.

She received her bachelor of arts in government from Dartmouth College and currently resides in Arlington, VA.

Alumni Update: David Peranteau '04

This is actually a pretty exciting time for me and my family. I will be starting a new job at the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) on January 6, 2014. I will be “Technical Programme Coordination Officer” for the verification arm of the IAEA (the Department of Safeguards) in the Division of Concepts and Planning.  My wife, Christine (class of 2006) and our 6-month old son are moving to Vienna, Austria from Washington DC at the beginning of the new year.

December 6 was my last day as a Program Analyst with the U.S. Department of Energy/ National Nuclear Security Administration in the Office of Nonproliferation and International Security. For four years at DOE/NNSA, I split my time between a technology development team and a policy team as part of the "Next Generation Safeguards Initiative," which is working with other parts of the USG and international partners to strengthen the IAEA for emerging verification challenges.

Government Major Wins Rhodes Scholarship

Last month, Jonathan Pedde ’14 and Joseph Singh ’14 were named Dartmouth’s 74th and 75th Rhodes Scholars. Established in 1903 through the will of British philanthropist Cecil Rhodes, the scholarship pays all expenses for a graduate program at the University of Oxford in England. A class of 83 scholars is selected each year from across the globe.

Singh, who is from Canada, talked with Dartmouth Now about his Dartmouth experience, attending Oxford University, and his goals for the future.

Joseph Singh ’14

The phone connection breaks up as Joseph Singh ’14 talks during a telephone interview. Just two days after winning a Rhodes, Singh is in Mumbai, India, with Dartmouth classmates for a two-week trip that is part of a public policy course, supported by the Rockefeller Center.

Alumni Update: Katie Lachter '00

I have very happy memories of my time as a Dartmouth student, and a govy (do the students still call it that??) major in particular.

I graduated in 2000 and went on to study law at Harvard Law School, and am now a legal ethicist.  I am an attorney at a large law firm, Hinshaw & Culbertson LLP, with a national practice in legal ethics and professional responsibility.  My practice involves representing lawyers in disciplinary proceedings and litigating matters relating to professional responsibility, such as attorney-client privilege or sanctions.

I am also on the adjunct faculty at Columbia Law School, where I teach the required professional responsibility course, and I frequently lecture for bar associations on matters of legal ethics. I publish regularly as well, and recently co-authored a chapter on civility as a strategic tool in a book published by the ABA, "Essential Qualities of the Professional Lawyer."

I love my career and truly believe it has its roots in my wonderful education at Dartmouth.

Alumni Update: Carl McGowan '93

I'm currently the Regional Director of Marketing for UnitedHealthcare of Texas & Oklahoma. Officially, I oversee all marketing, strategic partnerships, community relations, and social responsibility initiatives for the company's third largest market, but unofficially I work with our leadership team on shaping our role in health reform. On any given day, we might meet with a chamber of commerce, a hospital system, the department of insurance, or a legislator, always with the idea of making the healthcare system work better for everyone, which is our parent company motto.

Believe it or not, I feel my efforts at thought leadership and action in this high profile and fast changing segment of the economy were influenced in part by my classes in government and economics, particularly those with Professor Anne Sa'adah, my freshman adviser, and Professor Michael Mastanduno, who taught my senior seminar. The systemic analysis and design classwork was valuable and surprisingly applicable to the work I do today.

Alumni Update: Aly Rahim '02

Aly Rahim is a Social Development Specialist for the Europe and Central Asia region at the World Bank based in Washington, where he serves as a task team leader for a range of World Bank lending projects, advisory services and analytic activities addressing conflict-affected and fragile states, community-driven development, participatory approaches/governance, and social sustainability. He has also worked in the Bank's South Asia and Africa regions. Aly joined the World Bank through its Young Professionals Program. Aly previously served in the Canadian Department of Foreign Affairs as a foreign service officer and specialist in post-conflict reconstruction working on Sudan and subsequently Afghanistan.

Aly holds a Masters degree from Georgetown's School of Foreign Service, and a Bachelors degree from Dartmouth.

Harry Enten ’11 Lands Job With Popular Political Blog

It’s fitting that Harry Enten ’11 opens a telephone interview by immediately diving in about the weather.

“It’s a bit cold today, a bit windy, but it’s supposed to warm up,” he says of the system over New York City.

After all, Enten is a forecaster at heart. A political forecaster, that is. And he’s recently landed a gig working for one of America’s most renowned political barometers, Nate Silver, and his popular blog, FiveThirtyEight.

“It’s sort of surreal right now,” Enten says of being hired at FiveThirtyEight, which refers to the total number of electoral votes in presidential elections. Silver gained widespread fame for accurately predicting how 49 of the 50 states would vote in the 2008 presidential election. In 2012, Silver predicted the results for all 50 states in President Barack Obama’s re-election victory.