Sean Jeremy Westwood

Assistant Professor & Adjunct Assistant Professor
Academic Appointments

Assistant Professor of Government
Director of Undergraduate Research, Program in Quantitative Social Science

I am an Assistant Professor in the Department of Government and the Program in Quantitative Social Science at Dartmouth College. I study political representation and partisanship, examining how legislators represent their constituents and how signals from legislators change both constituent and legislator behavior. In my work I develop novel experimental designs to show the causal effects of legislator action and partisanship on behavior. I contextualize these results with large-scale computational text analyses of legislator communication.

Personal Website
Silsby 210
HB 6108
Quantitative Social Science
B.A. University of Nevada
M.S. The London School Economics and Political Science
PhD Stanford University

Selected Publications

Fear and Loathing across Party Lines: New Evidence on Group Polarization
S Iyengar, SJ Westwood, American Journal of Political Science

Selective exposure in the age of social media: Endorsements trump partisan source affiliation when selecting news online
S Messing, SJ Westwood, Communication Research 41 (8), 1042-1063    

How words and money cultivate a personal vote: The effect of legislator credit claiming on constituent credit allocation
J Grimmer, S Messing, SJ Westwood, American Political Science Review 106 (04), 703-719    99

The Impression of Influence: Legislator Communication, Representation, and Democratic Accountability
J Grimmer, SJ Westwood, S Messing, Princeton University Press    24    2014

The Limits of Partisan Prejudice
Y Lelkes, SJ Westwood, Journal of Politics 79 (2)

Estimating heterogeneous treatment effects and the effects of heterogeneous treatments with ensemble methods
J Grimmer, S Messing, SJ Westwood, Political Analysis