Daryl G. Press

Associate Professor of Government

Curriculum Vitae Personal Website
(603) 646-1707
HB 6108
B.A. University of Chicago
Ph.D. Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Selected Publications

“The End of MAD? The Nuclear Dimension of U.S. Primacy,” with K Lieber, International Security , 30 no. 4 (Spring 2006).

Calculating Credibility: How Leaders Assess Military Threats , Cornell Studies in Security Affairs, (2005).

“The Credibility of Power: Assessing Threats During the ‘Appeasement’ Crises of the 1930s,” International Security , 29 no. 3 (Winter 2004/05) 136-169.

“The Myth of Air Power in the Persian Gulf War and the Future of Warfare,” International Security , 26 no. 2 (Fall 2001) 5-44.

“The Effects of Wars on Neutral Countries: Why It Doesn’t Pay to Preserve the Peace,” with E Gholz, Security Studies , 10 no. 4 (Summer 2001) 1-57.

Works in Progress

“Untangling Selection Effects in Studies of Coercion;” “Protecting ‘The Prize’: Oil and the National Interest;” “Economic Globalization and the Effects of Wars on Neutrals;” “The End of Mutual Assured Destruction: Nuclear Weapons and U.S. Primacy”