Daryl G. Press

Associate Professor of Government

Curriculum Vitae Personal Website
(603) 646-1707
HB 6108
The John Sloan Dickey Center for International Understanding
B.A. University of Chicago
Ph.D. Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Selected Publications

“The End of MAD? The Nuclear Dimension of U.S. Primacy,” with K Lieber, International Security , 30 no. 4 (Spring 2006).

Calculating Credibility: How Leaders Assess Military Threats , Cornell Studies in Security Affairs, (2005).

“The Credibility of Power: Assessing Threats During the ‘Appeasement’ Crises of the 1930s,” International Security , 29 no. 3 (Winter 2004/05) 136-169.

“The Myth of Air Power in the Persian Gulf War and the Future of Warfare,” International Security , 26 no. 2 (Fall 2001) 5-44.

“The Effects of Wars on Neutral Countries: Why It Doesn’t Pay to Preserve the Peace,” with E Gholz, Security Studies , 10 no. 4 (Summer 2001) 1-57.

Works in Progress

“Untangling Selection Effects in Studies of Coercion;” “Protecting ‘The Prize’: Oil and the National Interest;” “Economic Globalization and the Effects of Wars on Neutrals;” “The End of Mutual Assured Destruction: Nuclear Weapons and U.S. Primacy”