Alumni Update: Yuki Kondo-Shah '07

I'm a 2007 Dartmouth College graduate with a double major in GOVT and AMES (Asian and Middle Eastern Studies).

I currently work as a Public Diplomacy Officer in the U.S. Embassy in La Paz, Bolivia with the U.S. Department of State. I work on cultural and educational exchanges, and also help with press/media communications for the Embassy. My GOVT major was a great way to learn about international relations and the different types of jobs that are available in my field, and I did an internship in the U.S. Embassy in Tokyo with a Dickey Center Grant during my junior year of college. That was instrumental in beginning my career in public service with the U.S. government, and I was really lucky to get funding from the U.S. State Department (and Dartmouth) to do my Masters at the Harvard Kennedy School before starting my position with the State Department.

I'm always happy to answer questions regarding the State Department, grad school, or working abroad as a Foreign Service Officer! I've helped two other 2007 grads join the Foreign Service through the Pickering and Rangel Fellowships. I also did a short interview piece for Career Services.