Alumni Update: Carl McGowan '93

I'm currently the Regional Director of Marketing for UnitedHealthcare of Texas & Oklahoma. Officially, I oversee all marketing, strategic partnerships, community relations, and social responsibility initiatives for the company's third largest market, but unofficially I work with our leadership team on shaping our role in health reform. On any given day, we might meet with a chamber of commerce, a hospital system, the department of insurance, or a legislator, always with the idea of making the healthcare system work better for everyone, which is our parent company motto.

Believe it or not, I feel my efforts at thought leadership and action in this high profile and fast changing segment of the economy were influenced in part by my classes in government and economics, particularly those with Professor Anne Sa'adah, my freshman adviser, and Professor Michael Mastanduno, who taught my senior seminar. The systemic analysis and design classwork was valuable and surprisingly applicable to the work I do today.