MAD About Research

MAD (Made At Dartmouth) Research is a video competition that gives undergraduate students the opportunity to communicate their research to a broader audience.

Students at Dartmouth are doing research in every academic discipline, from the sciences and social sciences to the humanities and creative arts, but they don't have many opportunities to share their work with others. Short videos are a great way for students to share their research and for the Dartmouth community to learn about the broad range of student projects. The competition is jointly sponsored by UGAR and the Jones Media Center in Baker-Berry Library.


Grand Prize
Jason Davis '25: 
Experience-driven auditory attention

Runners up
Serageldin Elagamy '24: 
When the Old Traditions Failed: The Impact of the Covid-19 Pandemic on the Mental Health of the Dartmouth Class of 2024

Katherine Jia '27: 
Why Do Conversations Die?

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