Dartmouth expert on Asia foreign government talks Shinzo Abe's impact on US

Dartmouth College associate professor and expert on Asian foreign policy, Jennifer Lind says the impact of Abe's assassination will be profound.

As many in Japan and those who worked with him mourn his death, shock over the incident could create a new norm in Japan.

With very few incidents involving gun violence, Former Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe was assassinated in the middle of a campaign speech. The incident, which was caught on camera is now prompting reaction from leaders across the globe.

"Even after he was prime minister was really an influential force in encouraging that kind of change so we can't emphasize enough the loss that this poses to Japan, the loss of his intellectual guidance," Lind said.

The United States has been a longtime partner with Japan. Lind says the two sustained a close security relationship through the last several decades. "Their thinking was much more like that of the United States ... his guidance his leadership the way he perceived and framed problems and thought about solutions, all of that was really valuable to Washington."

Lind anticipates that this tragic event will lead to changes in protocol between the politicians and the public during rallies and events. She said, "Leaders are going to be more anxious because of the potential for violence and so well have more security and more distance between them and the public."

The suspected gunman was tackled by security after reportedly making no attempt to run away. Authorities say he has confessed.

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