Dartmouth professor passes on lessons of nuclear nonproliferation with Ukraine and Putin's threats in background

HANOVER — Nicholas Miller wants to make one thing perfectly clear in case anyone has questions.

Russia's nuclear weapons work just fine.

The Dartmouth College government professor, a leading scholar on the history of nuclear proliferation and international security, took to Twitter last week to deflate, sometimes with dry humor, arguments by amateur military analysts that Russia's nuclear forces likely have not been maintained and therefore do not present the end-of-the-world threat understood by, well, mostly everybody.

"Basing your escalation plans on the theory, 'Russia won't go nuclear' is iffy, at best," Miller wrote in response to one Twitter poster's theory that only 25% of Russia's 1,550 deployed nuclear weapons are likely "fully operational" while the rest fall between "incomplete fission" and duds.

"Basing them on the theory, 'Russia will try but their nukes won't work' is downright insane," he warned.

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