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The Government Department offers three off-campus programs in partnership with the Frank J. Guarini Institute for International Education. We endeavor to prepare students for a lifetime of learning and ethical civic engagement through transformative global academic experiences.



London OCP

The London Program focuses on international relations and comparative politics. In affiliation with the London School of Economics, it focuses on international relations and comparative politics. Students will get to participate in unique educational excursions including trips to the British Library to examine the Magna Carta and tours of Parliament with lawmakers from the Commons and the Lords. Students will also get to experience immersion in more cultural experiences such as performances at the iconic Globe Theatre, exploring the beauty of London with a Thames River Boat voyage, and sightseeing outings to historic Bath, Stonehenge, Cambridge, and more!

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The Washington, D.C. program offers students the experience of interning in a political office or organization in combination with a course of study designed to place the individual's internship experience in a general academic perspective. The course work consists of two regularly scheduled seminars and a weekly journal evaluation of the internship experience.  In the past, students and the professor have resided and taken courses at an apartment complex situated nearby in Virginia. The main courses offered in the program generally cover contemporary political affairs, public policy, and political institutions. The special guest speaker series, which includes people from all areas of Washington, is an important feature that occurs weekly, as well as outings related to the course material.

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The Russia program features custom-designed courses for government or energy cohorts with the Higher School of Economics in Moscow and St. Petersburg, Russia. This new interdisciplinary program that invites students of Russian language, government, and energy on an adventure across the vast reaches of the world's largest country. Student's will explore Russia's political, social and economic history, contemporary cultural and political life, and domestic and geopolitical energy and climate dynamics. This program will feature custom designed courses with the prestigious Higher School of Economics in Moscow and St. Petersburg and cultural expeditions across seven time zones and 5000+ kilometers along with close engagement with Russian and international students.

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