Honors Program 2020

Honor Students and their Advisors

  • Grace Anderson, "Building Better Partnerships: Understanding Interest Alignment in U.S. Security Assistance" Advisor: Prof. Friedman
  • Peter Charalambous, "Walking on Eggshells: The State of Campus Discourse"  Advisor: Prof. Muirhead
  • Sarah Drescher, "Reconnecting the Pluribus with the Unum: The Case for Pluralist Patriotism" Advisor: Prof. Swaine
  • Ted Gehring, "When China Cracks Down: Legitimacy Considerations in the Decision to Suppress Protesters" Advisor: Prof. Powers
  • Katarina Nesic, "Russian Sanctions: The Underexplored Weapon of Russia's Economic Statecraft" Advisor: Prof Wohlforth
  • Josie Pearce, "Voter Knowledge in the United States: Facing the Problems and Innovating Solutions" Advisor: Prof. Swaine
  • Sunpreet Singh, "Immigrant integration and the role of factors in the sending community: A case study of Punjabi Sikhs in Queens, NY" Advisor: Prof. Ferwerda
  • Andrew Sosanya, "Prohibitions and Predictions: The Future of Autonomous Weapons" Advisor: Prof. Wohlforth
  • Jennifer West, "A Woman's Worth: Examining the Impact of Reconstruction Programs on Women's Quality of Life Outcomes in Afghanistan" Advisor: Prof. Baldez