Katherine Clayton ’18 awarded the Rintels Prize

The Dartmouth Department of Government is proud to announce that Katherine Clayton ’18 was awarded the Jonathan B. Rintels Prize for the best honors thesis in the Social Sciences for the Class of 2018 for her thesis titled, "The Moderating Influence of Social Contact on Perceptions of Immigrants in France.”

The selection committee noted that Clayton’s thesis "stands out as an impressive piece of scholarship in terms of its sophisticated methodological design, execution, and analysis, as well as its thoughtfully drawn conclusions and socially relevant conclusion.” Part of Clayton’s thesis was recently accepted for publication and is forthcoming at Political Behavior. Based on a fully randomized conjoint experiment in France, she argues that individual experiences with immigration condition preferences for immigration policy at the national level. 

Katherine graduated as a Class of 2018 valedictorian, with a B.A. in Government and French. She is currently a research associate for Bright Line Watch, a research group headed by Dartmouth Professors of Government Brendan Nyhan and John Carey, along with faculty at other universities. Starting in September, Clayton will begin a PhD program in political science at Stanford University

Thanks to Prof. Yusaku Horiuchi and Prof. Jeremy Ferwerda for supervising Clayton's thesis and to all faculty members in the department for their time and dedication to engaging our students in research.