The Government Department Honors Program provides qualified undergraduates with an opportunity to complete independent research under the supervision of members of the Department.

Applying to the Honors Program

Participants define and analyze a specific issue or hypothesis in the field of political science and write a thesis. The Program is completed within the framework of a two-course sequence during the senior year: Government 98 (fall), and Government 99 (winter). Students meet weekly with the Directors of the Honors Program at the 3B hour during the fall term. Students also meet regularly with individual thesis advisors at times convenient to both.

If you are considering applying to next year’s Honors Program, this is the ideal time to start thinking ahead about a thesis topic and advisor. It’s also important to remember that a seminar must be completed before enrolling in the Honors Program. If you have an interest in pursuing the Honors Program, please review the informational materials and the application above. For additional information on writing an Honors thesis, feel free to talk with the co-directors of the Honors Program, Michelle Clarke and Benjamin Valentino, or any of the Government faculty.


Honors Students and Their Advisors

Program Directors

  • Feyaad Allie
    • “Terrorist Counter-Radicalization Programs”
      • Advisor:  Brian Greenhill
  • Min-Kyung Jeon
    • "Good Norms, Bad Norms: Assessing the Conditional Impact of International Shaming on Women's Rights."
      • Advisor:  Brian Greenhill
  • Daniel Pham
    • “Federal Funding and Congressional Election Outcomes”
      • Advisor:  Dean Lacy
  • Joshua Tupler
    • “The Future of US Power Projection Capabilities in East Asia"
      • Advisor:  Daryl Press
  • Alexander "Alex" Weinstein 
    • “Hate Speech, Dignity, and First Amendment Protection"
      • Advisor:  Michelle Clarke
  • Marylynne Sitko
    • “The Future of Philosophy and Politics: A Dialogue Between Alexandre Kojeve and Leo Strauss”
      • Advisor:  Michelle Clarke
  • Justin Maffett
    • "Citizen Combatant: An Analysis of Military Equipment Transfers and Fatal Police Encounters”
      • Advisor:  Brendan Nyhan