The Government Department’s Foreign Study Program takes place each year during the fall term. In affiliation with the London School of Economics, it focuses on international relations and comparative politics.


The application deadline for the fall 2017 London Program is February 1, 2017; for students who will be off campus in winter 2017, the deadline is November 1, 2016.  If you have questions about the London Program, feel free to contact Professors Daryl Press, Jennifer Lind, John Carey, Joseph Bafumi, or Jeremy Horowitz. More detailed information may be obtained from The Frank J. Guarini Institute for International Education, 44 North College Street or on their website.


The prerequisites for this program are Government 4 and/or 5 (or equivalents), and three course credits are offered.  Students take two seminars with faculty of the London School of Economics’ Department of International Relations (Government 90 and 91), and a third seminar taught by the Dartmouth faculty member accompanying the group (Government 92).

Professor Joseph Bafumi will lead the program in Fall oF 2015.  The LSE professors participating in this program are: Eiko Thielemann, who teaches Government 91; and Christopher Coker, who teaches Government 90.

Govt 92.02 - Fall 2016 - Professor John Carey

Foreign Aid

Foreign assistance programs are politically contentious.  Advocates defend foreign aid as ethically imperative, effective, and as an essential foreign policy tool.  Detractors dismiss foreign aid as wasteful at best, and possibly counterproductive, impoverishing recipient countries and corrupting their governments.  This course examines the normative cases for and against aid programs and weighs the empirical evidence for their effectiveness.  We consider two main forms of government-sponsored assistance — development aid and democracy promotion.  Students will assess the arguments and evidence from existing scholarship on aid, and will pursue independent research on foreign aid projects in collaboration with each other and under the advice of the faculty instructor.