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  • Moochers and Makers in the Voting Booth: Who Benefits from Federal Spending, and How Did They Vote in the 2012 Presidential El

    Dean Lacy

    Public Opinion Quarterly (2014)

  • Scandal Potential: How Political Context and News Congestion Affect the President's Vulnerability to Media Scandal

    Brendan Nyhan

    British Journal of Political Science (2015)

  • Sexual Racism: Intimacy as a Matter of Justice

    Sonu S. Bedi

    The Journal of Politics, Vol. 77, No. 4 (October 2015), pp. 998-1011

  • Hard acts to follow: Predecesor effects on party leader survival

    Yusaku Horiuchi, Matthew Laing, Paul ’t Hart

    Party Politics (2015)


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