Simon Chauchard

Assistant Professor

Simon Chauchard is an Assistant Professor in the Government Department at Dartmouth College, and a faculty affiliate in the Asia and Middle Eastern Studies program.

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Professor Chauchard received his Ph.D. in 2011 from NYU.

His research focuses on ethnic politics, voting behavior, clientelism, political representation and politicians-citizens relations in India. Recent works have appeared in Political opinion Quarterly, the American Political Science Review and Comparative Political Studies. His book, titled Why Representation Matters: The Meaning of Ethnic Quotas in Rural India (Cambridge University Press), combines qualitative work and a series of innovative surveys to explore the impact of caste-based reservation policies on everyday intergroup relations in India’s villages. Ongoing projects rely on qualitative and experimental methodologies to explore political brokerage and the role that money and other forms of influence play in Indian elections.

Papers and research available at

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