Michael C. Herron

Academic Appointments

Remsen 1943 Professor of Government


Silsby Hall 121B
HB 6108


  • B.S. Carnegie Mellon University
  • M.A. University of Dayton
  • M.S. Stanford University
  • Ph.D. Stanford University

Selected Publications

  • “Term Limits and Pork,” with K W Shotts, Legislative Studies Quarterly , 31:3 (2006) 383-404.

  • “Black Candidates and Black Voters: Assessing the Impact of Candidate Race on Uncounted Vote Rates,” with J S Sekhon, Journal of Politics , 67:1 (2005) 154-177.

  • “Government Redistribution in the Shadow of Legislative Elections: A Study of the Illinois Member Initiatives Grant Program,” with B A Theodos, Legislative Studies Quarterly , 24:2 (2004) 287-312.

  • “Studying Dynamics in Legislator Ideal Points: Scale Matters,” Political Analysis , 12:2 (2004) 182-190.

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Works In Progress

"Student Sorting and Implications for Grade Inflation" (With Zachory D. Markovich). Forthcoming, Rationality and Society.

Selected Works & Activities

  • "Race, Shelby County, and the Voter Informatoin Verification Act in North Carolina" (with Daniel A. Smith). Florida State University Law Review 43: 465-506. 2016

  • “Precinct Closing and Wait Times in Florida during the 2012 General Election” (with Daniel A. Smith).
    Election Law Journal 14(3): 220-238. 2015.

  • “Race, Party, and the Consequences of Restricting Early Voting in Florida in the 2012 General Election”
    (with Daniel A. Smith). Political Research Quarterly 67(3): 646-665. 2014.

  • “The Effects of House Bill 1355 on Voter Registration in Florida” (with Daniel A. Smith). State Politics
    & Policy Quarterly 13(3): 279-305. 2013.