Garnet Kindervater


My primary research and teaching interests rest where politics, human geography, and philosophy meet. I navigate this interdisciplinary space by drawing upon writing from contemporary political theory, security studies, materialism, political economy, and cultural studies. Much of my writing over the past several years considers the presumption of human precariousness when making reference to future catastrophes, which formed the core of my dissertation Politics of the Highly Improbable: Anticipation, Catastrophe, Security. I have several essays in various stages of completion, ranging in topic from catastrophe and political rationality; Enlightenment humanism, progress, and climate change; biopolitics and capital; and ontology and vitalist materialism in political thought.

Curriculum Vitae
009A Fairchicld
HB 6017
Ph.D. University of Minnesota - Political Science
M.A. University of Minnesota - Political Science
M.A. University of Minnesota - Comparative Studies in Discourse and Society
B.A. Ohio State University