In this section we compile opportunities available around the Dartmouth Campus that may be useful for Government students.

A Research Project on Race/Ethnicity

Call for Proposals

Are you considering undertaking a research project on race and politics during the next (spring) quarter? Professor Yusaku Horiuchi (Government, QSS) is interested in working with you!

The priorities in his selection are the following:


  1. Research that addresses an important question about race/ethnicity problems in the U.S. or other countries
  2. Research that rigorously tests an empirical hypothesis based on quantitative data (e.g., using survey experiments)
  3. Junior students interested in working on a relevant topic for a senior thesis
  4. Students who have taken an introductory statistics course (and ideally an intermediate statistics course)
  5. Students who are familiar with programming in R (or Stata)


If you are interested in this research opportunity, please submit a short proposal (one-page) to Professor Horiuchi. He has limited funding available for your research but also encourages students to apply for internal grants (e.g., UGAR's Junior Research Scholarship).

See the following page for Professor Horiuchi's current/prior research with Dartmouth students here.

See his personal reflections on racial injustice here.

The deadline to submit a proposal is February 12, 2021 (Friday).  

Yusaku Horiuchi
Professor of Government and Mitsui Professor of Japanese Studies

Dartmouth College

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