Remote Teaching Course Information

How are Government Courses being taught for Spring Term 2020?

The Government Department courses will be moving to a remote teaching format for the beginning of the Spring Term 2020. Due to this unexpected change, we would like to provide further information about how your courses will be taught moving forward. There are three different teaching formats for spring term courses: synchronous teaching, asynchronous teaching, and a combination of the two. What this means is that some courses will be taught in real time and will meet at a designated time via telecommuting tools (zoom, skype,etc.), and therefore will be taught synchronously. Other courses will be taught by providing students with pre-filmed lectures and course materials that they can access at any time that is necessary for them, meaning the course will be asynchronous. If you have limited or slow internet connection, or are in a time zone other than Eastern Standard Time, it may be difficult to participate in a course that is being taught synchronously. Please consider this and communicate with your professors and the Government Department to make any necessary adjustments to your schedule so that you can succeed in your courses this term. Below is a list of the courses being offered this term with information on how they will be taught during the time that remote teaching is necessary.

GOVT Courses: Spring Term 2020

GOVT 3: The American Political System (Nachlis): Synchronous and Asynchronous

GOVT 4: Politics of the World (Horowitz): Synchronous

GOVT 5: International Politics (Press): Asynchronous

GOVT 6: Political Ideas (Clarke): Synchronous (Asynchronous optional)

GOVT 7.03: The Media and American Politics (D. Brooks): Synchronous and Asynchronous

GOVT 7.12: Intelligence and National Security (Friedman): Synchronous

GOVT 10-01: Quantitative Political Analysis (Westwood): Synchronous

GOVT 10-02: Quantitative Political Analysis (Wu): Email Professor

GOVT 16: Data Visualization (Cooper): Email Professor

GOVT 20.01: Women in Politics (D. Brooks): Synchronous and Asynchronous

GOVT 20.03: Morality and Political Economy (Clark): Email Professor

GOVT 20.08: America and the Middle East (Fishere): Synchronous

GOVT 30.09: Law, Courts, and Judges (Nachlis): Asynchronous and Synchronous

GOVT 30.12: Affirmative Action in Higher Education (Herman): Synchronous

GOVT 34: Congress and American Political System (Westwood): Synchronous

GOVT 40.09: Politics of Israel and Palestine (Magid): Email Professor

GOVT 40.15: Commodities, Globalization, and Development in Latin America (DeShazo): Email Professor

GOVT 40.21: The Politics of the Cold War (Vandewalle): Synchronous

GOVT 40.26: Authoritarianism vs. Democracy in Central and Eastern Europe (Aha): Asynchronous

GOVT 42: Politics of Africa (Horowitz): Synchronous

GOVT 50.02: Civil War, Insurgency, and the international Response (Friedman): Synchronous and Asynchronous

GOVT 50.06: Nuclear Weapons (Press): Asynchronous

GOVT 50.08: Psychology and International Politics (Powers): Asynchronous

GOVT 50.17: Weapons of Mass Destruction (Miller): Asynchronous

GOVT 50.19: Development Under Fire (Lyall): Email Professor

GOVT 60.04: Ethics and Public Policy (Rose): Asynchronous and Synchronous

GOVT 60.17: Arab Political Thought (Fishere): Synchronous

GOVT 60.22: Law, Power, and Society (Greenleaf): Email Professor

GOVT 66.02: Constitutional Law, Development and Theory (Bedi): Synchronous

GOVT 83.21: Experiments in Politics (Nyhan): Synchronous

GOVT 84.01: Dilemmas of Development: India, China, and the Middle East (Vandewalle): Synchronous

GOVT 84.36: The Future of the International Order (Benjamin, Sullivan): Email Professor

GOVT 85.37: Resistance and Collaboration (Miller): Synchronous

GOVT 85.39: Pubic Opinion and American Foreign Policy (Powers): Synchronous

GOVT 85.41: Political Violence (Lyall): Email Professor

GOVT 85.42: Quantitative Analysis of International Cooperation (Wu): Email Professor

GOVT 86.31: The Political Philosophy of Nietzsche (Clarke): Synchronous

GOVT 86.34: Ethics, Economics, and the Environment (Rose): Asynchronous and Synchronous