Brian D. Greenhill

Assistant Professor of Government

Curriculum Vitae Personal Website
Silsby 223
HB 6108
B.A. University of Oxford
M.A. University of Chicago
M.A. University of Washington
Ph.D. University of Washington

Selected Publications

“The Company You Keep: International Socialization and the Diffusion of Human Rights Norms,” International Studies Quarterly , 54 (2010) 127-145.

Ward, M D, B Greenhill and K Bakke, “The Perils of Policy by p-value: Predicting Civil Conflicts,” Journal of Peace Research , 46:4 (2010) 363-375.

Greenhill, B, L Mosley and A Prakash, “Trade-based Diffusion of Labor Rights: A Panel Study,” American Political Science Review , 103:4 (2009) 169-190.

Greenhill, B, “Recognition and Collective Identity Formation in International Politics,” European Journal of International Relations , 14:2 (2008) 343-368.